YINZ-MOD WR250R Chainslider

Awhile back someone inquired with me about a chain slider for the Yamaha WR250R that had something that allowed it to wear longer, and also be a sacrificial anode instead of wearing into the swingarm, as has happened to many. Well, here is a simple part that you can go get 3D printed just about anywhere, or if you have a 3D printer, make one for yourself. I didn’t do a print on this last one, though the rev1 was tested, with a minor fitment adjustment needed. That’s done, so what you see here….should work.

You’ll need 1 of these brass dowels from www.mcmaster.com

Now, here is the PDF Print & a X_T File. ANY 3D printer worth their weight in steel subframes can use that type of file. Its a proper 3D file too so if you want to tweak or mod, have at it. If those are confusing to you, ask a friend.


Here’s the scoop. If you want to get this made through an online vendor, just go to www.xometry.com or www.3dhubs.com Get it printed out of nylon. Or if you want to try other materials, have at it. Stuff like TM Designs are out of a molded Nylon, which will be a bit more robust, but you gotta make do where you can.

Any questions, fire away!

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