Tenere 700 Speedometer Relocator

If you’re like me, you want to do some navigation\etc with your T7. To help with that you need a GPS, or something for navigating (roadbook maybe?). Most folks will use the OEM Provided 12mm bar up by the windscreen to clamp on a GPS\tablet\whatever. While this is the easy way, I don’t like how high up (in my line of sight while sitting) that is, especially with my custom lowered windscreen. So what is one to do? Relocate the speedometer!

There are a couple ways of doing this. Aurora Rally sells a plate, as does Rebel X (I think?). What I didn’t like with them, is you have to seemingly unscrew the speedometer from the mount to undo anything with the handlebars. There is also no angular adjustment to adjust the speedometer to how you like. So, it was time to bust out the Solidworks clicks and see what we could come up with.

I opted to do a 3D Printed mount which branched out OVER the upper triple clamp bar mounts. The speedometer then remains on the mount at all times (didn’t want to strip the plastic screws with constant removal). On my T7 I run some handguard mounts which bolt to the bar mounts. So this mount has provisions to fit over these. I get a decent amount of swing.

The most difficult thing with installing this is finding a place to put the OEM temperature sensor (which sits behind the speedo OEM mount). I had designed this to mount on my new GPS mount (details incoming….), but the OEM wiring doesn’t allow for this. I ended up taping the unit up to the speedo cluster harness. Not the most elegant, but it is what it is. Also, you need to remove the upper headlight mount so you can re-route the OEM wiring harness.

I’ll have more info on this later, but here are some pics\info:


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