Tenere 700 $20 Windscreen

If you’re like me, you like clean fresh air while riding your bike. With my height, the OEM T7 windscreen put the air in the middle of my face, which caused some odd noises, buffeting, and I just generally was not a fan. So there were a couple options. First, chop the OEM screen, which I didn’t want to do. Second is to buy an aftermarket unit. I wasn’t too interested as most are these goldwing level of windscreen (too big) and they’re far more money than I like to shell out. Third and personal option is to make my own screen. This took about an hour of work, a 20$ piece of polycarbonate, bandsaw, oven, and a 5 gallon bucket to make happen.

Method….I’ll cheat here and link the video of the fella I copied. No sense reinventing the wheel here. This guy explains what to do. I believe I had my polycarbonate sheet in the oven for about 20 or so minutes? I forget, it was to the point where it started to flex as I grabbed it.

T7 Specific Details

McMaster: https://www.mcmaster.com/8574K42/

Right CLick & Download this pattern.

Note that the small rectangle at the top is a reference line for you. You should measure 6″ from line to line (left to right). See video below of me showing the windscreen on the T7.

Any questions, let me know. Enjoy.


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