Bluetooth Roadbook Controller (Standalone Unit)

Part of a long term plan has me needing to start working on some roadbook based navigation on my bike. I’ve seen a pile of options for Bluetooth Roadbook controllers, but me being me…has to reinvent the wheel. As I began digging into the options out there, I realized that for my use, It seemed to make sense to create a Bluetooth Roadbook controller which was all-in-one. Many options I saw tied into existing Rally switches, and things like that. For me, that wasn’t ideal, as those switch units are $$$$, and I’m not “there yet” so to speak. So knowing that, I went ahead and modeled up a switch setup which houses a Bluetooth Controller, battery, and 5 switches. It has an opening on the bottom to recharge the battery as you need. It’s relatively small and can be removed from bike without dealing with any wiring\etc. Maybe not ideal for everyone, but to me….should do the job.

The unit:

Details Housing:
The Housing is a 3D printed housing. Switches, battery, circuit board, and wiring all are nested in the front half of the housing. Currently as designed there is no additional water protection. This is done for now to just test form\fit\function. On the back half of the housing is an on\off switch for the board so the battery can be left connected. I need to verify this, as there is some inconsistency on reports that jumpering the EN to GND on the board turns the unit off. The housing is held closed with 6 – M4 screws. Likely overkill, but I didn’t want to have an issue with this spinning on the bars. These inserts are heat staked in place. Normally I mold these in, but in a 3D printed housing in blind holes, its easiest to just use a soldering iron and press the pieces in.

Details Electronics:
Switches – Schurter MCS18 – Digikey: 486-3675-ND
Switch Lock\Seal – Schurter – Digikey: ‎486-3660-ND
Bluetooth Controller: Adafruit 32u4 – AMAZON
Battery – 1s 200mah JST Battery – AMAZON
On\Off Switch – Judco J-188 – Digikey: 567PB-ND
Threaded Inserts: M4x0.7 – McMaster: 94180A353

Bluetooth Programming:

Reference works\etc:

I’ll share the 3D models soon once I verify fit\sizing\etc for others to make their own.


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