Tenere 700 License plate frame (tail tidy)

So the OEM T7 Tail is……well, its DOT approved. We’ll just say that its far from tasty looking. Oddly, Yamaha gives you a great platform that you can remove some bits, and have a basically free99 Tail Tidy for your bike. No one seems to go this route, though be warned, there is no license plate light (other than brake light), if that’s an issue for you.

You’ll need to get the plate frame 3D printed out. I made mine out of PETG and went pretty heavy on the fill. Probably not needed, but what you gonna do? There are 4 threaded inserts used (M5), which are pressed in with a soldering iron. I did 5 perimeter walls to help stabilize the heat staked threaded inserts. You can do whatever you want, this is what I did and its working quite well. I’ve put both the Solidworks Files & X_T Files for the Assembly. I’ve included the STL as well of just the plate holder.



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