SBMoto Universal GPS Mount

Here’s a little something any DIY’er can whip up on their own. This is a simple GPS mount for any bike. I’ve designed it around easily sourceable parts (, and some parts which can be quickly 3D printed by any number of online vendors, or by yourself.

The main bodies can be printed out of any Nylon material. The screws thread into heat staked threaded inserts. The threaded inserts are simply pressed in with a soldering iron. As they’re pressed in, the plastic re-melts around the insert, holding it firmly in place. There are 4 adapters if you are running 7\8″ bars, so get those printed up as well if you’re running them.

All the files can be found HERE HERE HERE HERE (click the “here”)

*Updated to Include STL Files of the printed parts.

Info Video here:

Parts List:
4 – 94180A353 – M4 Heat Set Insert
4 – 94180A373 – M6 Heat Set Insert
4 – 92855A847 – M4 SS Low Profile SHCS
4 – 91292A144 – M6 SS SHCS

3D printer of your choice (3D Hubs, Shapeways, ETC)
1 – Universal Handlebar Ram – Upper
1 – Universal Handlebar Ram – Lower
(if 7/8″ bars also):
4 – Adapter – 0.875

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